Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ooooh gettin good at the old linking m'larky!

Heh heh managed to link my facebook site to here all by myself...there's hope for me yet...
Very pleased about that, mmmm, ok need to work now :0)


Morning x

Well it's dreary outside, but I don't care! Making jewellery today, and getting the beads made for a commission piece! woohoo, I love having a commission, no stress, just sort out my colours and off I go to glass melting heaven! ( won't be long Lez )

Need to tidy the studio too, it's getting a bit messy, finished late last night, and didn't have the will to clean all the rods and stringer up...naughty girl :)

Ok coffee and toast are calling, then off to work (if you can call it that) I go!



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lovely day in the bead hut!

Have had fun today, been in the studio for about 4 hours, and made 5 beads!!!! work that one out, cos I can't. Lets hope they are nice at nearly one an hour! lol
Having pizza takeaway for dinner too, because I have lost the will to cook :)

Think there is footieball on tonight, so I might go back out and have another go

I like this blog better!

Well I am hooked up to another blog, but prefer this one, so I think I will use this one!
blah blah blah, need more coffee,


Thursday, September 24, 2009

WooHoo Website finally here!

Very excited after months of work and planning my website is live!!!!!
Go take a look it at, I make and sell lampwork beads and jewellery.
Need a nice cup of tea now to calm myself down....